Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I'll call you Stampie

So, they are chairs that you take to your chairs.  Cute huh?  These fun little wedding favors kill two birds with one stone.  Hmm, maybe not the best saying for a "love birds" themed wedding.  While they are a great way of distributing the favors (inside the chair) and alerting guests of their seating arrangements, the best part was how we customized it with a handy little stamp from Simon's Stamps.  We have a nifty little logo that will be making a few different appearances at our wedding already and thought that it would be great if we could get it on the front of the paper chair somehow. The original idea was to print it on a sticker but experimented with the stamp method cause there was a good chance the outcome would look much better.  And we were right.  It wasn't so much the idea as it was the stamp.  It's good.  And surprisingly good at that.  Some of the text is pretty darn close together.  I was impressed.  Though it took a bit of practice to get the pressure and alignment just right, only a few chairs made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of personalized decoration. A little candy here and some calligraphy there and we have ourselves quite the unique wedding favor.  Special thanks to Rhett for help with the logo.  The man has the Photoshop skilz to pay the bilz.

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