Tuesday, October 17, 2006


The bomb and I made our usual grocery run before entering Shenandoah where we decided upon a supper of burgers for what could be the last camping trip of the season.

"Sir, I can't help but notice this particular meat is prominently displayed within your viewable cooler unit. It isn't the leanest I've seen, but it might service our needs quite well. Your expression suggests that you agree with our decision. What's that? You say that we won't be able to surpass your sirloin selection no matter where we go. Bravado indeed. So it is in your opinion that you are the only person capable of besting the ground chuck that lay before us. Ha, that may be true but I am willing to bet that I could find one person willing an attempt at beating your meat... er...maybe not. We'll take two ready made patties to go. H, let's get outta here"

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Heather said...

Weird things abound in that freezing cold grocery store...