Tuesday, October 17, 2006


The bomb and I made our usual grocery run before entering Shenandoah where we decided upon a supper of burgers for what could be the last camping trip of the season.

"Sir, I can't help but notice this particular meat is prominently displayed within your viewable cooler unit. It isn't the leanest I've seen, but it might service our needs quite well. Your expression suggests that you agree with our decision. What's that? You say that we won't be able to surpass your sirloin selection no matter where we go. Bravado indeed. So it is in your opinion that you are the only person capable of besting the ground chuck that lay before us. Ha, that may be true but I am willing to bet that I could find one person willing an attempt at beating your meat... er...maybe not. We'll take two ready made patties to go. H, let's get outta here"

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"It's so choice... if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up"

2003 Lexus RX300, 32 large on the O, nice scratch on the tag, nav on the dash, wood on the wheel... I couldn't say no.
I don't know what to call this thing. I like saying truck but it's more a car than anything else. Same car wheelbase, same car HP, same car feel; but then there's the always on AWD and SUVish interior space. Speaking of interior...

Love that spruce! Car, tuck, whatever... it's my new ride. Prior to purchase time, I really couldn't have envisioned myself in a sport ute but this machine is a great mix of comfort, utility, fun, efficiency, price and style. To put it another way, it's what I wanted but didn't think I was going to find. Sumo!

K, let's find some balance here with some of the minor drawbacks. The nav unit is slightly out of date and the update is a little pricey. Don't get me started with that. And when did I start complaining about havin a GPS in the vehicle? Moving on. Is an auxiliary audio input so hard? You're a Japanese car maker for gosh darn sake.... guys, you're better than that. I'm on the case though. My factory wire harnesses are in the mail and should be here soon. All I have to do is hack the head unit comms, spoof the satellite radio as a second cd player and I'm golden. Plug and play is the only way to go, no tape player adapter for this cat. 220 ponies from V6 aint bad. It's a little sluggish up steep hills but at least it doesn't guzzle the petrol like its older brothers. And I can still dart around downtown DC with the best of them. Alright, back to the good. When I first sat in this car I felt like I'd been driving it for years. Thanks Lexus. The Battlesnake has your back too.