Monday, September 18, 2006

Master of Disguise

Here's some advice for all those little battlesnakes in training out there. You come across a human sized fluorescent green pipe sticking out of the ground with a huge man-eating plant sticking out of it... Don't jump on in when the plant disappears out of sight unless you really need the coins. Those plants don't stay hidden for long. There aint an ointment for that.

So we had a pretty successful 80's party a couple of weeks ago. Check out the link for some pictures. Going as Mario was pretty easy to bring together. A little fake stash here and a little iron-on transfer there and whalah. I wish I had enough energy to take a picture of the post party aftermath. I'm not sure anyone would want to see that. And I won't tell ya where I found the mustache the next morning. Well, behind the keg... Not really that weird but how'd it get there? Geekpad had their party the same night. I love the combo party, but I think this'll be the last time it happens here at club 1139.

There was some talk of a noise violation fine from the neighborhood homeowners ASSociation so I wrote an email to preemptively contest it. It's been a couple of weeks and no fine. Maybe a well thought out argument and kind words in search of a mutually beneficial resolution can go a long way. Who knew?

If anyone wants to go as Mario for All Hollow's Eve, let me know. Beside some scratchy facial hair, the getup is pretty comfortable.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


I'd really hate to see the ol girl go but alas my lease is due in about a month (October '06) and the time has come to move on.

This was a good car though. Two benders, a freak Texas hail storm, countless speedbumps, DC traffic, Two cross country road trips... And this tank of a mid-sized sedan kept askin for more. It had a good mix of turbo induced power and 4 cylinder efficiency that made me appreciate this car's engineering at every turn. That kind of thing seems to be lost on the majority of Alphas out there. I suppose it's to be expected with a ride that could fit inside most SUV's of today but fightin the man is sort of a hobby of mine so it never really bothered me.

Unfortunately, the new VW's just don't have the styling or reliability of their older siblings. I believe I will go elsewhere to satisfy my new transportation needs. Any suggestions out there? I have a few options in mind but have yet to acquire the proper research needed to make an informed decision. I've heard good things about the Lexus preowned program but I'm not sure if buying right now is in the cards for me. I likey the lease, especially since you get a brand spankin new car with all the bells and whistles every few years. People will disagree with that choice citing the "rental" feeling and lack of investment value but I've crunched the numbers and any minimally added value of keeping a vehicle past the break even point isn't worth the upside of going new for me. The ideal situation would be to finally start my Lamborghini 25th Anniversary Countach kit project but I think that will have to wait for now. It will be mine... Oh yes, it will be mine.