Tuesday, July 08, 2008

One Point Twenty One Jiggawatts!

Ok, so i had way too much time on my hands so I decided to recreate the Flux Capacitor from Back To The Future. Actually I needed a costume for our annual 80's party so put one Flux Capacitor on top of some shiny silver clothing and wham! You've got yourself a Delorian costume. In theory at least. I had some last second power issues so I couldn't pull it together. Stupid regulator not running at 4.6Vdc. But it works now so it makes a pretty interesting decoration when I'm not using it to travel in time. And if you're wondering, we still don't have rocket packs or flying cars in 20 years. So so lame.

This thing really wasn't too hard to pull together. The casing is just a outdoor panel box which I chopped to decrease it's overall depth to about 3 inches. I made the front window with some plexi and rubber molding. I really like how that turned out. The rest is a bunch of amber LED's, a role of clear tubing, some paint, three right-angle RCA housings, some yellow wire and a few 1" PVC caps. Personally I think it looks better than the real thing. But I'm a proud geek so that's not too surprising.

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