Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bed?...Nah, Bath?... Nope, Beyond?... I guess so.

First off, this is a camera phone picture. Pretty gosh darn good quality for a phone don't you think?

K, so it's a hammock for bananas. What do you think the sales pitch for this was. "Yeah, so here's the thing see. You're gonna want your nanas to breath right? Get some air right? Toss a banana in there with a couple of plums maybe and it'll be like they're ripening in the tropics. And the women love it too, clears up a bunch of counter space. So, what do I have to say to put you into one of these banana hammocks today?"

I'd buy one.


Sean Tierney said...

sheer genius. I'm incorporating this into my halloween costume somehow...


JessinAlaska said...

Wow Evan, you can make something meaningless have meaning. Have you thought about becoming a writer? Very witty blog this is the first time I've checked it out. See ya in a few weeks!